Winds of change


The inevitable is happening. Daylight, instead of lingering and stretching long into the evening, is fading earlier each passing day. The air has unexpected pockets of coolness, and I find myself holding my arms tight, hugging nothing but myself. more »

Grace Lessons


When I started training to run a half marathon and hopefully a marathon next year, I decided to write about it in a series called Lace Lessons. I was on a family vacation when I wrote my first post, and my nieces and nephews helped me brainstorm more »

The Dash


Last week, my friend's father passed away unexpectedly. The funeral was intimate, and towards the end of the service, people stood up to share stories. One story in particular struck a chord with me and I wanted to share it with you. The Story of more »

Team Crank 2017


I wanted to introduce everyone to my PMC team, Team Crank. These are my guys, my group of brothers who patiently wait for me while I do my 'lady-things' when we're on and off the the road and who keep me pedaling when the miles get tedious. I've more »

Life Lesson


  For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might recognize the man in this picture. I had an experience while I was away on vacation a couple of weeks ago that I’ve continued to think about, long after our bags were unpacked. I don't more »

Lace Lessons


Life is a funny thing these days. The line of what is personal, what is professional and what is public feels more and more blurred because of social media. It’s an interesting line to walk, to say the least. As a human who owns a business, I have more »

I am gifted…


I am gifted... at being resistant to being a beginner at not accepting and following advice at learning any other way other than trial and error. I am gifted... at choosing unrealistic goals and failing to understand  why my dreams may more »

It’s a long road


I sent out my annual PMC letter yesterday, and it stirred up many emotions. The short of it is that there is nothing easy about fundraising. I'm a very happy giver, but this has not yet translated into making me a very happy asker. Asking for help is more »

Are you ready for a new title?


I want to thank everyone who either left a comment on the blog, on facebook or emailed/texted me directly with feedback from my last post. I truly appreciate everyone's words, comments and thoughts, and feel so humbled by the fact that my post more »

Embrace the Discomfort

A few weeks ago, I joined a small business mentoring group comprised of six women business owners and the leader of our group, Deb LaFlamme of For The Love of Your Biz. The eight-week long program is dedicated to helping each of us grow as a business more »

she be old


Today is the old girl's birthday - 78 years young. While her physical age is quickly reaching the danger zone, Marge remains one of the most young at heart humans on this earth. Need an example? Last week, while everyone was watching a very tense more »

a winning season


  What defines success? It's an interesting question, one which I'm guessing people will answer in many different ways. For some, success lies in winning the gold medal and coming out on top. It's being chosen for the job or receiving more »