My children grew up surrounded by baking. While other kids were playing outside, mine were climbing bags of flour. So many of my memories of when the kids were young are woven in with my memories of baking and holidays. Today is St. Patrick's Day, more »


I am...

  There's a new movement floating around social media these days, and it's pretty thought-provoking. It is the #embraceambition by the Tory Burch Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting 'the empowerment of women more »

When your baby turns 16

Oh shit

  Today is my daughter's 16th birthday, and I feel like I have been walking around all day, holding my breath. There's something special about the relationship a mother has with her youngest child. With my firstborn, every experience was, and more »



The season of chocolate is upon us. Perhaps better said, the season of 'more chocolate than usual' is upon us as we approach Valentine's Day. The bakery has shifted from pumpkin and gingerbread doughnut muffins back to heavy production of chocolate more »



There is nothing like making your way through difficult times to experience the gift of perspective, and hopefully...eventually...growth. The challenges facing each of us are varying and many. There is loss of life, illness, relationship issues, more »

C7. Over & Out


My office at the bakery is tucked away from the main action. I have a window & can peer out through shelving to try to see why people are laughing or to get a glimpse of what people are up to, but for the most part, when I'm trying to be a more »

The Craigslist ad that will never be

Monday's To-Do List

We're in the process of trying to expand The B Team by adding a second shift. I put an ad on Craigslist last month during the holiday frenzy, and ended up having to put everything on hold because I didn't have enough time to focus on interviewing, more »

Your duct tape is better than ours


Dear Matt Damon: You don't know me, and I'm hoping you can help me with a tiny situation. My name is Karen & I own a bakery. At any given moment, I am a pastry chef, cheerleader, dish washer or maintenance person. There is a lot of machinery more »

The Closet


  I have a friend who just gets me - she knows I have limited time, and never holds it against me that she does more of the reaching out than I do. She usually calls me once a week while she's driving into work & I'm doing something more »