Team Crank 2017

I wanted to introduce everyone to my PMC team, Team Crank. These are my guys, my group of brothers who patiently wait for me while I do my 'lady-things' when we're on and off the the road and who keep me pedaling when the miles get tedious. I've more »

It’s a long road

I sent out my annual PMC letter yesterday, and it stirred up many emotions. The short of it is that there is nothing easy about fundraising. I'm a very happy giver, but this has not yet translated into making me a very happy asker. Asking for help is more »

she be old

Today is the old girl's birthday - 78 years young. While her physical age is quickly reaching the danger zone, Marge remains one of the most young at heart humans on this earth. Need an example? Last week, while everyone was watching a very tense more »

a winning season

  What defines success? It's an interesting question, one which I'm guessing people will answer in many different ways. For some, success lies in winning the gold medal and coming out on top. It's being chosen for the job or receiving more »

Graduation #2

Oh, my aching heart. On this early morning of my middle son's graduation from high school, I am struck by the fact that my thoughts and emotions are in a very different place than those who will, in a few hours, dress themselves in their caps & more »


  We moved a lot when I was growing up. Once upon a time, I lived in West Hartford, CT. When I was in 8th grade, my father received a job offer near Rochester, NY. We moved to a small suburb called Pittsford and lived there for three and a more »

NY Kidney Strong

Seven years ago today, the guy on the right (otherwise known as Eddie) gave the guy on the left (our good friend Bill) a kidney. Every year since the donation, Eddie and Bill have breakfast to celebrate the day. I think they decided to do breakfast more »

Dear Jacob…

It seems very fitting that it is snowing today in New England. Twenty years ago, a spring blizzard took us all by surprise as did your arrival into our lives six weeks earlier than planned. March 31, 1997 was the day that my life forever changed. more »


My children grew up surrounded by baking. While other kids were playing outside, mine were climbing bags of flour. So many of my memories of when the kids were young are woven in with my memories of baking and holidays. Today is St. Patrick's Day, more »

When your baby turns 16

  Today is my daughter's 16th birthday, and I feel like I have been walking around all day, holding my breath. There's something special about the relationship a mother has with her youngest child. With my firstborn, every experience was, and more »