Embrace the Discomfort

A few weeks ago, I joined a small business mentoring group comprised of six women business owners and the leader of our group, Deb LaFlamme of For The Love of Your Biz. The eight-week long program is dedicated to helping each of us grow as a business ...read more »

The Craigslist ad that will never be

We're in the process of trying to expand The B Team by adding a second shift. I put an ad on Craigslist last month during the holiday frenzy, and ended up having to put everything on hold because I didn't have enough time to focus on interviewing, ...read more »

A new landscape

As many of you already know, this fall has been truly difficult for the Acton-Boxborough community. The two losses we experienced last month were followed by another teen death by suicide last week. My friends and I are filled with disbelief, shock, ...read more »

I love you & you’re not in trouble

Today, my dad turns 79. For an old-timer, he's still got it going on. In fact, not much has changed in his daily life over the past decade. He works out. He paints. He takes classes. He messes around with his train set. He fixes stuff around the ...read more »

Seven Hours

As many of you know, I am a weekend cyclists. I purchased my first road bike 9 years ago after I signed up to ride in the PMC when one of my customers was fighting cancer. At that time, I had little expectations that cycling would become something I ...read more »